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Hello and welcome to The Lapsed Blogger!

I’m Sian, a working wife and mum with a passion for simple food for hungry folk.

I like my food to be quick and tasty, with easy to find ingredients and nothing that’s going to break the food budget for the week.

And that’s what you’ll find here; simple speedy food for when you’re hungry, made with things you probably already have in your kitchen.

fudgy gluten free brownies

So who are we?

Sian: Wife. Mother. Third sector bod. Charity shop fiend. Wannabe organised optimist. Will steal the last chocolate hob nob without an ounce of guilt.

Rich: Husband. Father. Stay at home family man. Sci fi nerd. King of fry-ups. Has a ridiculously sweet tooth but thinks everything is better with bacon. Good bloke.

Izzy: 6 going on 16. Owner of uncontrollable hair. Makes plans for world domination. Cheeky and chief taste tester. Plans on being a surgeon ballerina when she grows up.

Rocky road The Lapsed Blogger

What’s our approach to food? 

It’s safe to say that we all love food. But we don’t believe that you have to send hours in the kitchen to create something that’s worth eating (though there is always time for that on gloomy rain filled days).

We’re fond of cheats and short cuts. Microwaveable rice is a constant in our cupboards and I rarely make my own pastry.

We eat a healthy mix of food cooked from scratch, food made with bought jars of sauce and a few beige favourites from the freezer.

Why are you called The Lapsed Blogger? 

If we or some of the recipes (and even photos in some cases) seem familiar then you might know us from my previous food blog – Fish Fingers for Tea. I ran a successful food blog for a few years but had to stop at the beginning of 2015. Once a blogger, always a blogger though and 2016 sees us setting up our new online home here.

I hope you like what you see. I’d love for you to stay for a while and have a browse. If I can help in anyway then feel free to contact me.

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