Basic apple Bircher muesli

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

They also say that you should breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper but I’ve never been able to eat that much at breakfast time. I get hungry around mid-morning which of course is when the biscuits come out.

Izzy is completely different though and adores breakfast. She’d have porridge every day if she could Though time constraints and the seasons often keep her apart from her favourite bowl of oats though.

Luckily she’s fallen hard for Bircher muesli – the original overnight oats.

Basic apple Bircher muesli | Breakfast ideas by THe Lapsed Blogger at

This basic apple Bircher muesli is really simple to knock up after tea and requires pretty much no work in the mornings.

Pour some rolled oats (the kind you make flapjack with) into a bowl and grate in two apples. I don’t peel them, preferring to keep the skin on, and just use a couple of eating apples out of the fruit bowl.

Add some raisins if you like but don’t buy them specially. Chopped up soft dried figs are also good, but do have a tendency to turn the finished result an unappetising brown colour. If you can get past that though then you have a very tasty dish indeed.

Pour in some apple juice. Add some milk. The semi-skimmed out of the fridge is just fine, though almond milk adds creaminess and makes it dairy free. Continue reading “Basic apple Bircher muesli”