Cheats peach and strawberry danish pastries

I do love a good cheat. So does Izzy.

She’s very keen on getting involved in the kitchen but, like most 6 year old’s, her attention span leaves something to be desired so speedy results are the way forward.

With only 3 ingredients and lots of jobs for little hands these cheats peach and strawberry danish pastries are a fun weekend bake with the kids.

Cheats peach and strawberry danish pastries | The Lapsed Blogger

Take a sheet of all butter ready rolled pastry and spread out on the worktop. Using a butter knife divide it into six rectangles. Take the opportunity to do some work on fractions. Izzy’s looking at basic fractions in maths at school so we talk about chopping things in half a lot. Poor teddy, he’s not been the same since her last attempt at understanding two halves make a whole.

Gently warm some jam – in the microwave is fine. We used strawberry but use whatever you have, damson is good and provides a nice contrast against the sweetness of the peaches. Give it a stir then spread it over each rectangle, leaving a bit of a border which you’ll ‘paint’ with some milk.

Drain some tinned sliced peaches. You’ve probably already got some lurking at the back of the cupboard, along with a tin of mixed fruit salad and a bottle of that magic freezing chocolate sauce for ice cream. Continue reading “Cheats peach and strawberry danish pastries”